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    2. A Trusted Partner In Canada for 25 Years

      This May marks our 25th Anniversary in Canada! Throughout those years, we have worked with the legal community to provide buyers and lenders the best possible title coverage to help close real estate transactions with confidence. 


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      Stewart Title Has Acquired a Majority Stake in Treefort Technologies

      Stewart Title is pleased to announce that it has acquired a majority stake in Treefort Technologies Inc.

      Treefort is a Canadian-based technology company that provides a completely digital process for verifying the identity of individuals, as well as a secure virtual meeting room for lawyers, notaries, lenders and business professionals to meet and sign documents with verified participants.

      We are excited about this acquisition and look forward to sharing more information as these tools become available.

      ST Treefort

      We Would Love to Hear From You!

      We know how proud we are of our partnership with the legal community, but we would really like to know what you think!


      What do you like about doing business with Stewart Title? When have you most appreciated your partnership with us? We would love to share your stories.


      Our History Speaks for Itself

      In 1997 we opened our first office in Toronto and started working with the legal community to provide buyers and lenders the best possible title coverage.


      See the 25-year path we’ve travelled together with the Canadian legal community: